At Home clean All Purpose Cleaner Floral Freshness

We all want a clean house but nobody likes to spend fortunes on a whole range of cleaning products. Make life easy with At Home Clean all purpose cleaners! These versatile cleaners clear stains from glass, laminate, countertops, stainless steel surfaces and most other materials. The formula is concentrated, so just one capful in a bucket of hot water is enough to eliminate dirt and grime from most household surfaces. For extra-stubborn stains, use it undiluted and wipe down with water. Goodbye dirt and hello, savings! Are fresh flowers not your thing? Then why not try our other fragrances: floral sweetness, lime & eucalyptus and savon Marsella.

Product features:

  • Fresh floral fragrance
  • 1L bottle
  • Multi-use
  • Powerful formula similar to well-known brands
  • Made in the EU
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