At Home Scents Fresh Nature Originals 300ml Air Freshener Spray Aqua Passion

Do you want to set the tone easily and whenever you feel like it? At Home Scents 300ml air freshener sprays are just the trick! Spray wherever you like, whenever you like to create the ambiance that suits your mood. The luxury spray cap is easy to use and will have you dancing through the house as you enjoy the layered fragrances. The aqua based formula contains a scent that is complex and evolves: you’ll pick up on mountain breeze, citrus and wood. Fresh Nature Originals brings you fun, interesting fragrances at an affordable price, so why not also try the other variant jasmine infusions?

Product features:

  • 300ml trigger spray
  • Luxury bottle with comfortable grip
  • Aqua-based wet spray
  • Suppresses unpleasant odours
  • Multi-layered fragrance
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